Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Facilities at Familias de Esperanza/Common Hope (FE/CH)

The facilities at FE/CH are outstanding. We have a fully stocked kitchen with a sign that says "Leave the Kitchen Cleaner than you Found It," which I take to be a challenge. Daniella and I are talking about cleaning out the fridge later today...

We are on our own for breakfast, but there is cereal, bread, milk, coffee (Yum - local), and eggs. Robert Rainey, our photography faculty, has been making us "eggs in a basket" in the morning, fruit smoothies, and most people are considerate enough to refresh the coffee pot and help with dishes (although in every family, there are always those who do dishes, and those who don't.... and we are now one big family).

Concrete walls and a single coil of barbed wire surround the complex, though we feel less restricted by it than secure knowing nobody is getting in (or out). This is likely improved by the flowers growing on the wall and wrapping around the wires. There are large living spaces for gathering throughout our building, with fireplaces, comfy couches, and a veranda that wraps around the entire second floor. We look out on the volcano, which has been actively spouting smoke in the morning. We have gardens, jacaranda trees, and bougainvillea all around us. A large library is off the kitchen, but there are book shelves tucked in the hallways. Rooms are suites - four bedrooms with another living room in the center and a shared bath, and a shared shower in another room for each suite. All incredibly is so quiet at night - the only sounds are birds singing in the morning before the church bells go off.

We are blessed to have such a comfortable place - it refresh us and every morning we wake up ready to go :)


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  1. Hello all of you! I must admit I would be a little set back on the wire and the concrete walls surrounding you, but I am a little timid to begin with. I hope you all stay safe and delight in the idea's of why you are all there. I am following as you take this adventure on and I in my own cowardly way wish I could have been there. Linda Kennedy