Thursday, March 25, 2010

Travel Learning Continues

Today (Thursday) we had planned to go to Safe Passage in Guatemala City, but because there has been unrest there lately, the directors have recommended we revise our agenda. When traveling, one must be flexible!

A few days ago the drivers of the "chicken buses" went on strike to draw attention to the violence in the street, and there has been some concern that the unrest would escalate. Now the buses are running again, and it is pure precaution for us to stay out of the city, but I appreciate their concern for our safety.

As a point of reference, last Monday when the strike began, our wonderful liaison here, Liz, put us in what we fondly called "lock down," (a word sadly known all too well by school teachers in the States.) Living in a walled compound surrounded by concertina wire makes us very safe, and again we appreciate everyone's attention to our safety.

In lieu of the Safe Passage trip, we will help organize the donations here. Twenty one people on this trip brought clothing, tooth paste, dental floss, shampoo, wash cloths, pencils, art supplies, and other miscellaneous hygiene and school supplies for the families of FE/CH.
Many hands make light work!

Thank you all for reading ~

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  1. Thanks for this posting Ellen. Educational in the best sense of the word!